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No need to follow THE way, you’re free to make your own choices and work experiences! The development of career plans is one of our priorities. We encourage our collaborators to move forward by endorsing new responsibilities, both in other regions of France and around the world.

The human capital is for us a priority. The Y generation (or Z) is often described as dissatisfied, egocentric or impatient. It’s wrong! This generation needs more sense and balance in its work.. It is why here at Cloud Vapor, we favorise the liberation of individual aspirations and independence among a very human centered environment.”

Félix – CEO at Cloud Vapor

“Applying first for a job that would not have exploited all my abilities, Félix and the team believed in me and gave me the opportunity to use and increase all my potential by hiring me as content manager. Thanks to a very stimulating team and environment, I’m lucky to say that I have a very challenging and fulfilling job.”

Anaïs – Content manager