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The 100% primo vaper range, for a successful cigarettes quitting.

Sweet and dessert-flavoured liquids are not the only ones in life! The proof is that classic e-liquids sales stay in the “top sales” of vape shops. We made a selection with the ones we consider the best classics in the word, at minimal price. Ideal to distinguish yourself from the vape basics.

Customers love it.

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Cloud Vapor customers

I wanted to distinguish myself from my competitors by proposing original tobaccos but in line with primo vapers expectations and it is a success! An unmissable range to start to vape.

Justine P.

Customer Cloud Vapor

Delicious flavours well measured. the choice of the 50/50 is perfect for the current equipment and gives an appropriate hit. My favourite is without doubt the Malasana, an ideal allday !

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