Le Comptoir des Vapoteurs

How did “Le comptoir des vapoteur” conquer the city of Poitiers in three years?

The way we did it, honestly, I have no idea.” Thierry and Antoine opened Le comptoir des Vapoteurs in 2014. A “game” initially, that quickly became serious and is nowadays a fully-fledged  example of success. Cloud Vapor escort them in their ascent since the beginning of the adventure. In three years, three shops opened successfully and projects go on.

A real interest for the field, associated with great business skills :

“I stopped smoking thanks to the vape”

They do not know anything about it, but they believe in the product and in the market’s potential. At this time in Poitiers, the competition only propose “small and hard to sell equipment”. Despite a total ignorance of the vape field, the two businessmen share the passion of the challenge and the shop becomes quickly famous thanks to a good word of mouth publicity. Their strength come from a great listening of the customers, who become their tutors (then their sellers).

An original concept :

Le comptoir des vapoteurs wants to distance itself from the other vape stores. They arrive in poitiers with a refined and design concept, which intimidate some customers at the beginning, but manage to seduce people. They also want to offer products for everybody, from the beginner to the geek, that other shop do not have, to adapt the offer to each customer.

The fair-play :

They do not brag about it, because it is not their objective, but Le Compteur des vapoteurs quickly swiped out the competition. When they arrived in poitiers, they were about twenty shops to share the market. today, face to the Comptoir des vapoteurs, only eight remain. But they stay humble and underline the fact that things went this way naturally “It is important to not criticize the competition if we want to last in time and have a good image.”

Le challenge and solution Cloud Vapor :

E-liquids that doesn’t taste like anything before”

From the new and original to a solid and human partnership.

The constant desire to satisfy customers leads Antoine and thierry to work with Cloud Vapor quite quickly. At the beginning, the partnership starts from a challenge for them: to find new flavours. At this time, the available offer disappoints them by its lack of originality and diversity. “It was a an immediate crush, not because I found the liquids very good, but because there was a big difference that catched me, it’s that none of the liquids had the taste of something I knew. they were all original, original in the way that something new had been created.”

“these are liquids that we did not have interest to sell on the financial aspect, we did it because I think that there was a real added value: because there was a design, because there was a good team behind and because they were people behind.”




About futur projects

Today it is proved that the concept is working and some new projects flourish, still with Cloud Vapor and it’s team “The collaboration, I hope it will last as long as possible and today it is out of question to stop selling Cloud Vapor products.”

To develop ?

“To open a fourth shop, why not. But in poitiers, I don’t think so […] I think that we can’t do better in Poitiers.” With 3 profitable shops in 3 years, Le comptoir des Vapoteurs managed a risky challenge. Despite some little fears after the opening of the second shop, which had slightly impacted the profitability of the first shop (less 15% at the beginning), today the 3 shops are profitable.

To franchise ?

“we are gonna have 3 shops soon which work so there is nothing more to say, we have the means to franchise. […] Do we want to franchise, I don’t know. Did we think about it, yes.”

To diversify ?

“To realize our liquids, it is an idea that I like since the beginning.”

Some questions to Antoine, co-founder of Le comptoir des vapoteurs, about the process of collaboration with Cloud Vapor:

For you Cloud Vapor is a different kind of collaboration ?

“There is a young team and we can feel the passion. […] And the way you do is excellent: you are close from the customer.”

At the end, what did you like in our way or working?

“Never did I had to talk about quantity and it’s also what I likes. The levelling system was kind of the softest […] At the end it is not an aggression. […] Anyways, if we make the choice to sell a liquid, we will always promote it.”

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